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Massage Therapy 



Therapeutic Massage 

A massage that focuses on deep muscle and connective tissue, this treatment allows the muscles to unwind and alleviates chronic tension. 50/80 minutes






Haven Tranquility Massage 

Relax and unwind - our Swedish massage will melt away your stress long, soothing strokes ease muscle tension, stimulate circulation, and promote

overall relaxation. 50/80 minutes






Haven Spa Signature Massage 

Developed by our highly skilled therapists, this treatment incorporates a relaxing

combination of massage techniques  followed by a hot towel treatment and sinus pressure relief, ending with

reflexology on the feet. This exclusive massage will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul

leaving you in a state of pure relaxation. 50/80 minutes







Haven Hot Stone Massage 

Just as sun heats the stones and night releases that energy, heated stones are utilized

so that their warmth can penetrate deep into the muscle fibers, releasing tension and

imparting deep serenity. Your massage therapist delivers the final transformation with

smooth, gentle strokes to your relaxed, warm muscles. 50/80 minutes 


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