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Level up and book your Eyelash Extension Training today! 


Here at Haven Spa Company, we do more than just apply Ah-mazing lashes.  We also offer eyelash extension training, consisting of both theory and hands-on coaching. In our one-on-one training you will learn about eyelash extension application, safety and sanitation, use of advanced techniques and key tips of the business with expert educator, Kelly Clark. Kelly has over 9 years in the business and is ready to share it all!  Our unique program will provide you the foundational skills and the practice needed to help you succeed in the lash industry. Get started today! (link to services) 



In-Person Trainings 


Classic - Level I: You will learn all the basics to eyelash extensions, application and managing the customer experience. This hands-on training gives you the opportunity to work on both a mannequin and your live model, with guidance from your instructor throughout the whole process. Each student will receive a kit which includes the essentials needed to get you started.  Let’s get to lashing! 


What you’ll learn: 

  • Health and Safety/ Safety and Sanitation 

  • Adhesives 

  • Lash types & lengths 

  • Products 

  • Equipment 

  • Allergies & Irritations 

  • Best Practices 

  • Lash Mapping  

  • Lashing Techniques 

  • Isolation & Taping Techniques 

  • Tips & Tricks

  • Designing for your client 


Materials Provided:

  • Mannequin Head 

  • Lash Training Kit 

  • Training Manual 

  • Certificate of Completion 


Advanced - Level II: This class is a bit more in depth to Level I. Those taking this course would already have a clear understanding of the fundamentals.  In this class you will learn advanced lash techniques such as speed lashing, in addition to advanced eyelash extension design techniques that will wow your clients and have them coming back for more.  


What you’ll learn: 

  • Advanced Lash Mapping 

  • Speed Lashing Techniques 

  • Advanced Isolation & Taping Techniques 

  • Tips & Tricks for Fills 

  • Designing classic sets to look like volume sets 

  • Inner Corners 

  • Mixing eyelash extension curls 

Materials Provided:

  • Mannequin Head 

  • Lash Training Kit 

  • Training Manual 

  • Certificate of Completion 

Combo Package - Level I & Level II: Looking for the full package? Then this course is for you!  Here you’ll get two full days packed with everything you’ll need know at a discounted rate. You’ll gain the skills and confidence to do amazingly beautiful eyelash extensions.

*All topics listed above in Level I & Level II will be covered in this 2-day training. 

You will be responsible for providing your own live model for the hands-on practice portion of the training. Many have found this to be much more comfortable and your model can give you honest feedback after training.







Mentor Session: There is always an opportunity for growth, especially as a new lash artist. This service gives you the chance to spend time with lash expert Kelly and improve your skills.  Kelly will spend one-on-one quality time with you, reviewing your current techniques and provide feedback and tips to improve your processes and gain the confidence to thrive.  It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Start Today!   

*Mentor program is available for beginner and intermediate lash artists.  Individuals must have a minimum of 1 Eyelash Extension Certification (any brand). 







Virtual Trainings 






Classic Virtual: Don’t have enough time for hands-on training, then this virtual training is the perfect fit. This course is available to you 24/7 via Podia.  The training manual is downloadable after log-in or you can complete the shipping form and we will mail a copy of the manual to you.  All topics covered in the in-person packages will be covered in this virtual training. 


* Certificate of completion will be mailed once you have completed the course

* The Lash Starter Kit is not included in this package, but can be purchased for an additional fee.  











Lash Power Hour Zoom Call: Still have questions or need further clarity?  This zoom call is designed specifically for you.  You’ll get a private hour zoom meeting with Kelly to ask away.  Have questions about the business or your technique? Be ready, so you won’t have to get ready. Come prepared with your questions and take advantage of this time with Kelly. She’s here to help you succeed.


* Need additional time?  Feel free to book another call. There is no limit to the amount of zoom meetings you can book. 


Disclaimer:  Certification is provided upon completion of applicable trainings; however, it is your responsibility to check with your local states & governing boards on licensing requirements to perform the services.

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